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ENJOY A WELL DESERVED AND RELAXING VACATION knowing that Your Getaway Coverage is taking care of your business, home and pets. Rick Rathbone and Kathy Rathbone, married 30 years, are respected residents of Mission, BC. Rick a retired corrections officer and supervisor is an avid fisherman, a good handyman who enjoys hunting, reading and travel. Kathy was raised in the motel and restaurant business and is a retired department head for The Bay. She also enjoys fishing, reading and travel as well as knitting, swimming and walking. Together they formed Your Getaway Coverage which provides house sitting, pet sitting  - large and small scale.  We are reliable and responsible professionals that make it our business to care.

House Sitting & Pet Sitting

House Sitting

Ensure the security of your home while you are away.  Your home insurance may require someone to stay at your home or visit daily or weekly to check on your home. Check your insurance policy for more details.

We offer the following in home sitting services:

Daily or Weekly Visit service also available to pick up mail, papers, check timers, lights, windows and locks.

Pet Sitting

Why would you want to put your loved family pet into a kennel or other facility?

We have experience in caring for all types of pets including those with special needs such as medication, dietary requirements or even if they are just spoiled.

We ensure your pet gets love, attention, exercise and all they need.

Call toll free 866-560-5125 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it !

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Farms, Kennels, B&B's

Your Getaway Coverage is specialized in the care of the following working homes:

We will take care of every aspect of your home the way you prefer to have it done

Your Getaway Coverage provides a free consultation and estimate. Call toll free 866-560-5125 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


"In preparation of our vacation we started looking for in-home care for our eight pets several months in advance. It was important to have someone that could be home with them the majority of the time so we were looking for someone who didn't work. We had an initial visit and right away we knew that these were the people that we wanted. We had Rick and Kathy over again about about a week before we were to leave. Animals can be very sensitive to change and it was important to leave our pets with people who would be able to make this transition as easy as possible. It doesn't take very much for a cat to go on a hunger strike because of changes like this. A few days of no food intake can cause "fatty liver" which is very serious requiring hospitalization, and ultimately can be fatal if not noticed early enough. We have two cats one of which is very shy and hid the entire week. Even though Rick never saw Whiskers he was very aware to make sure that the litter box was being used daily as well as leaving food out through the house. One of our dogs is senior, has cancer and requires medication and has special instructions. Rick and Kathy made sure that this was done and kept on schedule. They were happy to see us when we got home but surprisingly not as excited as we thought they`d be. That tells a story in itself but the real clincher was when Rick came back to pick up some belongings he left behind a couple of days later, the dogs ran to him with wagging tails and acting as if he was their best buddy. Like the saying goes ...actions speak louder than words and that shows just how well looked after they were. I will definitely use their services again and highly recommend them to others"

- The Hughes Family

"I would just like to say that since we have started using “Your Getaway Coverage”, we have had many restful nights while we have been away.

There was a time that we would try to get family and friends to rotate when we would try to get away for a week or two. As much as we trust our friends and family, we know that when we use your service we have absolutely nothing to worry about. he last few years of our vacation planning have always included making the call to Rick and Kathy.

More than having ou take care of our two cats, (Harley & Sammy) we know that our home is also well looked after. We really appreciate the time that you take to get to know us and our pets.

I always have, and always will recommend your service to anyone who may want to go for that vacation, but  are worried about leaving their pets or their home.

It really is a luxury these days to get away from your hectic work schedule, and even more of a luxury to be able to do this knowing there is someone you trust that is taking care of business.  We never worry any more.

We wish you both all the success in the world!!!  You really do provide a service that has made planning a vacation fun again."

Brenda and Glen Slobodian

"Our family was lucky enough this summer to go on vacation for 2 weeks. Just prior to leaving, we met with Rick and Kathy – Your Getaway Coverage to go over the lengthy schedules of all our animals. We live on a small hobby farm.

We were very impressed with their professionalism and their attention to detail. We are very particular about our animals and their needs. Our house was looked after with much care and attention.

These for us, are several of the main reasons why we would have them back to watch our farm for us again. In fact, we have arranged for them to watch our farm again for our upcoming holidays.

My family and I would highly recommend them as your getaway coverage."

Kim Lashbrook and Ian Lashbrook

“I have found them to be totally honest, caring and very careful of the house and the care of it, making it as secure as if I were home. It is wonderful to be able to go away and not have to even think about the security and the needs of the garden, flowerpots etc.”

Phyllis and Jake Hildebrand

“I can happily recommend Your Getaway Coverage. They have looked after my home many times and when I come back from my holiday, I find my home very well cared for, and my garden growing well.“

Janne Van Noort

“We went away on our first vacation in 20 years without worrying about the care our house and cat would receive. We knew both were in good hands. In fact, the outdoor hanging plants were in better shape when we got back from vacation than when we left. The cat, too, was well adjusted. I would have no hesitation in recommending Your Getaway Coverage to anyone who wants to make sure their home and/or pets are well cared for in their absence.”

Kathleen Hahn

"We have known Rick and Kathy for many years.  They were neighbours who became friends.  They are always courteous, thoughtful, respectful, trustworthy and very pleasant to be around.  They have looked after our home and our menagerie of pets while we were away on holidays and we would highly recommend their services to any business or home owner."

Laurie Ryan

"For the past two years, I have utilized Your Getaway Coverage services during my vacations. She is very trustworthy and reliable and importantly to me, dependable. I had full comfort know that my home and pet were in good hands.”

Margaret & Colin Blackburn

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